Seaside Satake is located amid the rich natural blessings of the Tango area
on the Sea of Japan coast in northern Kyoto Prefecture.

1980 Asamogawa, Aminocho, Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture 629-3104

Nearby sights

The broad beach outside the inn is just one minute’s walk away.
Why not enjoy a leisurely stroll with the sounds of ocean waves as your background music?
This also is a popular spot for ocean bathing and surfing.

One of the three most famous sights in Japan, the beautiful Amanohashidate sandbar resembles a dragon reaching into the heavens when viewed from a higher elevation.


Seaside Satake is 40 minutes by car from Amanohashidate, one of the three most famous scenic views in Japan. By train, Amanohashidate Station is about 35 minutes from Amino Station, the railway station closest to the inn. Amanohashidate is an excellent spot to visit on your way to the inn from the Kyoto or Osaka directions, or on your way back home.