Enjoy a moment of supreme bliss as you sink into the warm,
skin-beatifying waters to
the sound of the roaring sea . . .

Please heal the fatigue of the journey in the hot spring.
Private baths recommended for families like are also available.

Indoor baths

Bathe with views of the Sea of Japan right before your eyes.

Semi-open-air baths

Relax to the sound of the roaring sea, right before your eyes.

Private baths

These spacious private baths are popular with guests.
Here, families and couples can enjoy a relaxing bath.

Please let us know when making your reservation if you desire to use a private bath (charge: 2,160 yen per 60-minute session)

Hot spring overview

Baths Indoor: one each male/female; semi-open-air: one each male/female; private baths available to rent (reservations required)
Hot spring properties,
Asamogawa Urashima Onsen Hot Spring (heated, circulated and filtered)
Simple alkaline hot spring
Uses: nervous conditions, muscle pain., stiff shoulders, bruises, chronic digestive conditions, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, recovery from overwork