You can dine to your heart’s content on
fresh ingredients from
the sea and the mountains

We offer full-course meals made with spring crab.

This crab is priced more reasonably than winter crab.
We also serve seasonal Japanese full-course meals.

In summer, enjoy ocean bathing and the blessings of the sea!

Seaside Satake is just a one-minute walk from the beach!
Savor a delicious meal after a day packed with marine recreation.
The plan featuring charcoal-grilled fresh seafood is very popular!

The Ushimatsu Japanese full-course meal, filled with the tastes of autumn, is very popular among guests!

It’s the best way to enjoy seasonal matsutake mushrooms and domestic Japanese beef.
Enjoy the sliced matsutake mushrooms, and the thinly sliced shabu-shabu beef, dipped in our specially made sauce.

Snow crab is the pinnacle of winter dining on the Sea of Japan!

With our voluminous crab menu, you can enjoy crab until you’re full.

Snow crab・・・

Snow crab is a special attraction of winter in Japan. The crabbing season starts in early November and extends until the end of March. Snow crab raised in the severe winters of the Sea of Japan have a rich, delicious taste. As a seaside inn, we’re confident you’ll be impressed with our fresh snow crab dishes, including aromatic, mouthwatering grilled crab, the simple, delicious taste of boiled crab, and crab stew full of delicious broth, topped off with crab rice gruel.



Breakfast is served in the dining area.

Children’s meals available

Children’s meals are available as well. Please reserve children’s meals when making your reservation.