One minute’s walk from the beach.
Outstanding views and hospitality.
An excellent location for surfing and ocean bathing.

Front desk

Please check in at the front desk after your arrival.


Feel free to relax in our spacious lobby.

Second-floor smoking area

Smoking is permitted inside the inn only in designated areas.

Facility overview

Address 1980 Asamogawa, Aminocho, Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture 629-3104[Access
Types of guestrooms 6 Western-style rooms, 17 Japanese-style rooms, 2 combination Japanese-/Western-style rooms
Number of guestrooms Capacity for about 100 guests
Inn facilities Banquet rooms, karaoke facility (separate charges apply), lounge
Guestroom facilities Toilets in all rooms, heating/air-conditioning in all rooms, baths in selected rooms (10 rooms), refrigerators, TV, safes, direct-dial telephones
Guestroom amenities Yukata robes, toothbrushes, hand/face towels, bath towels, soap
Facility amenities Razors, combs, shampoo, hair dryers
Dining facilities Dinner: Served in semiprivate booths in the Ajina Restaurant or in private, partitioned booths in the Grand Hall. Feel free to contact us if you desire a table and chairs or other accommodations.
Breakfast: Served in the dining area.
Check-in/checkout Check-in time: 3:00 pm (12:00 during summer)
Checkout time: 10:00 am
Parking Parking charge: free
Capacity: 30 automobiles
Baths Indoor: one each male/female; semi-open-air: one each male/female; private baths available to rent (reservations required)
Hot spring properties Asamogawa Urashima Onsen Hot Spring (heated, circulation filtered)
Simple alkaline hot spring
Uses: nervous conditions, muscle pain., stiff shoulders, bruises, chronic digestive conditions, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, recovery from overwork
Cancellations Cancellation charge per person(per room for room charges)

  • 7–4 days in advance: 10% of accommodation charge
  • 3–1 day in advance: 50% of accommodation charge
  • Same day: 100% of accommodation charge
Children’s rates Elementary school: 70% of adult price
Preschool (meal/futon): 50% of adult price
Preschool (futon only): 5,400 yen
Preschool (no meal/futon needed): 3,240 yen
Note: Preschool rates apply to children aged three and up.
Other Visa, MasterCard accepted.