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  • 【winter dishes】

    Excited just looking at the menu... It is plan to fully enjoy "crab", the king of winter tastes!
    *The crab used in this plan is snow crab From the North Pacific.
    • 【winter dishes】

      Period available:
      11/6 to 3/31
  • 【Year-round cuisine】

    It is a popular dish that can be enjoyed all year round and is also available as a special order dish.

    ◆【Funamori of fresh fish】(We accept from 2 servings)
    ・Satake Specialty, using plenty of fresh seafood from Tango"Funamori of fresh fish”
    This is recommended for customers who want to eat a lot of sashimi after coming all the way to Kyotango, Kyotango by the Sea!
    3,300 yen / 1 serving (Please order at least 2 servings.)
    *If you would like to order more than 3 servings, please contact us separately.

    ◆【farmed abalone】(about 130g)
    ・Choose from the following cooking methods for abalone.
    【Steamed abalone or charcoal-grilled abalone or abalone steak or sashimi】
    3,300 yen/person

    ・Grilled Abalone(Recommended)
    Odori-yaki is a lively way of eating abalone.
    The abalone was alive until just a moment ago, so you can enjoy the freshness of the abalone straight.
    The dance-grilled abalone is very soft, and the moment you take a bite, the flavor of the seafood fills your mouth.
    Enjoy the afterglow with the scent of the sea that comes out of your nose!

    ◆【Tajima Beef steak(rib roast)】
    ・The king of wagyu beef, also known as the king of branded beef"Tajima Beef”
    At this facility near the Tajima area in Hyogo Prefecture, you can enjoy the luxurious Tajima Beef rib roast as a steak.
    Recommended for customers who want to eat not only fish but also high-quality meat!
    100g:7,700 yen
    200g:11,000 yen
  • 【summer dishes】

    plan summer cooking plan
    【Ryo Kaiseki Meal】【Seafood Nagisa Kaiseki Meal】"Seafood & Meat Nagisa Kaiseki Meal" [Kanade Kaiseki Meal】
    *The contents of the dishes differ depending on plan.

    "Specially selected Tajima Beef" that can be enjoyed all year round, Satake Specialty"Seafood grilled on a plate", etc.
    Enjoy the delicious summer food!
    • 【summer dishes】

      From 15,900 yen
      Period available:
      7/1 to 8/31
  • 【autumn dishes】

    Autumn cooking plan is 4 plan
    【Akatsuki Kaiseki Meal】【Matsutake Mushroom Kaiseki Meal】"Akane Kaiseki Meal" [Kaede Kaiseki Meal】
    *The contents of the dishes differ depending on plan.

    Autumn in Kyotango, Kyotango by the Sea, where this facility is located"treasure trove of ingredients”
    Please enjoy the "autumn kaiseki cuisine" that uses plenty of Tango's bounty carefully selected by the chief chef to color the autumn appetite.

    Please enjoy autumn specialties such as “Conger eel tempura”, “Blackthroat Seaperch grilled with salt”, “Fried abalone with liver sauce”, “Tajima Beef and matsutake mushroom sukiyaki”, and “Matsutake mushroom kamameshi”.
    • 【autumn dishes】

      From 13,700 yen
      Period available:
      9/1 to 11/5
  • 【Spring dishes】

    Spring cooking plan is 4 plan
    【Miyabi Kaiseki Meal】【crab cherry】"Hana Kaiseki Meal" [Irodori Kaiseki Meal】
    *The contents of the dishes differ depending on plan.

    "Specially Selected Tajima Beef" that can be enjoyed all year round...
    Enjoy spring gastronomy!
    • 【Spring dishes】

      Period available:
      4/1 to 6/30
  • 【Breakfast】

    For breakfast at this facility, you can choose between Japanese and Western food from October 2023.
    *Breakfast will be served in the dining room.

    ◆Japanese Food◆
    A Japanese breakfast that makes use of Tango ingredients, such as hot pot-cooked Tango Koshihikari and the "A feast since morning" series that changes with the seasons.

    "A feast since morning" series
    In 2023, we will be serving dried black- Blackthroat Seaperch fish in spring, salmon roe bowl in summer and fall, and tuna bowl with Ine Tuna in winter.
    *Depending on plan, there are some plans that do not include A feast since morning, so please check plan details.

    ◆Western Food◆
    For Western food, we use freshly baked ``Mochimochi Bread'' from `` Pango Tango'' next to our hotel.
    We also offer homemade yogurt made with Tango's Hiraya Milk.