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  • seaside bakery"Pango Tango”

  • In August 2023, a seaside bakery called "Pango Tango" will open next to our hotel!

    Image character of "Pango Tango"
    Image of twin brothers "Pango and Tango" hiding in a seaside bakery
    Fairy friends with cute fish hats!

    With the desire to revitalize Kyotango with delicious bread.
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  • ~STORY~

    Many people visit Kyotango and Amino Town, which is called Kyoto by the Sea, for swimming in the sea in the summer and enjoying seafood such as Matsuba Crab in the winter.
    This time, we have opened a bakery because we want to increase the content that can enjoy Kyotango City.
    The bread, the main product, has a chewy texture and a sweetness and taste that you will never get tired of.
    In addition, small breads such as KANI dog (winter only) using plenty of crabs named after the local specialty, amazake bagels using homemade amazake, beef curry bread, and salt bread using Kotobiki salt will also be available. .
    We are also creating a menu using local ingredients.

    The name of the store is a combination of Tango's 'Tango' and 'Pango' from Bakery e GO (let's go to the bakery).
    Our shop is located 5 minutes by car from Amino Station, in front of Hacchohama, where the sea is highly transparent, and is a spot where you can enjoy bread while looking at the beautiful sea.
    We aim to be a bakery rooted in Tango that values connections with people, and that everyone in the area can casually visit for daily use.
  • "chewy bread”

    Pango Tango bread has a chewy texture and a moist, slightly sweet taste that goes well with toast or sandwiches!
    Enjoy the rich aroma of butter and the luxurious taste.

    *Main raw materials:flour,dairy products,Sugar,honey,salt… other