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Surrounding sightseeing

  • 【Amanohashidate】(About 35 minutes by car from the hotel)

    Amanohashidate, located in Miyazu Bay on the Sea of Japan in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, is one of the three Three Views of Japan, along with Matsushima in Mutsu and Miyajima in Aki.
    About 6,700 pine trees grow thickly on a sand bar that is about 20 to 170m wide and about 3.6km long.It is a mysterious formation created by nature over thousands of years.
    To enjoy Amanohashidate, you can enjoy not only the view from the observatory, but also other popular ways to enjoy nature, such as walking in Amanohashidate, riding a bicycle or boat, or swimming at the beach.(If you walk across Amanohashidate, it takes about 50 minutes one way, or about 20 minutes by bicycle.)
    Amanohashidate has been selected as one of the top 100 spots in Japan.(Top 100 Japanese Pine Trees,100 famous waters of Japan,Top 100 roads in Japan,Japan's Top 100 White Sands and Green Pine Trees,Top 100 Beaches in Japan,100 beautiful historical landscapes of Japan,Top 100 historical parks in Japan,Top 100 geological features of Japan)
  • 【Funaya house in Ine】(About 50 minutes by car from the hotel)

    It was the first fishing village in Japan to be designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, and 230 Funaya line the 5km circumference of the bay.
    The first floor of the house is used as a ship garage, and the second floor is used as a living space and guest house.
    Pleasure boats that allow you to see these townscapes from the sea are very popular with tourists.
    The sight of 230 Funaya that can be seen on foot is a masterpiece, making it a popular tourist spot.
  • 【Kinosaki Marine World】(About 40 minutes by car from the hotel)

    The concept is "more than an aquarium".
    You can experience interesting, fun, and wonderful things that don't fit into the framework of an aquarium!
    Kinosaki Marine World is a little different, and they are actively doing things that are not typical of an aquarium.
    for example. "horse mackerel fishing”If you think about it normally, you would never think of catching fish in an aquarium! What's more, you can eat the fish you caught on the spot as tempura, so it's even better.

    In addition, there are plenty of attractions such as dolphin and sea lion shows and backyard tours!
    There is also a cafe with a view of the sea, making it an aquarium that can be enjoyed even in the rain.

    It seems quite difficult to spend all day in an aquarium, but at Kinosaki Marine World, it is OK.
    Of course there are facilities such as Shih Tzu and Sealand, but even if it has a feature, it has a natural sea.
    Therefore, there are various ways to enjoy it, such as taking a walk on the beach while feeling the sea breeze, spreading a lunch with your family or couple, and taking a commemorative photo with the Sea of Japan in the background.
  • 【Hachohama Seaside Park】(3 minutes walk from the hotel)

    Hacchohama Beach in Amino Town is a tropical resort-like beach.
    The shallow beach is popular with surfers.
    Hachohama Seaside Park, which overlooks the Sea of Japan, is a multi-purpose lawn square and park where you can enjoy soccer and other activities.The multi-purpose lawn plaza is a vast lawn ground of 68m x 105m in Hachohama Seaside Park.Several playground equipment for infants are installed next to this lawn, so families with children can play with peace of mind.